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Not only have I saved close to £400/year on hosting, but now get considerably faster load times than WP Engine. Support has been near instantaneous, and their advice given throughout enabled me to achieve sub 1-second load times consistently. If you’re an agency or freelancer, looking for a high quality hosting provider and WordPress technical partner with guru-levels of knowledge, I highly recommend JohnnyVPS - absolute phenomenal value for money.

Case study about Exist Creative
Nathan Calvert

Johnny is a very experienced and helpful WordPress expert who increased my site speed exponentially. My webpage went from 10-13 seconds on every click down to now instantaneous, even on my phone! The site is crazy fast, holy sh*t, insane. I had no idea my site could be this fast, it’s 1000 times better.

Case study about The Wayward Home
Kristin Hanes

Amazing journey working with your team. My sites were difficult, lots of traffic and slow plugins...but now all are super fast, everything working smoothly. No more problems, no more downtimes, no more nightmares with poor support service. Johnny and his team are the best support team and hosting service for WordPress.

Case study about La Guia de Las Vitaminas
Manuel Oviedo

Johnny is obsessed with high speed and 24x7 availability. That’s why it’s great to host your website with him. He takes it personally and helps you in every possible way. And his service is not expensive like other managed WP hosts like WP Engine. JohnnyVPS is the perfect choice for hosting.

Case study about JournalDev
Pankaj Kumar

Johnny and his team are so great to work with. My WooCoommerce store loads super quick, images show right away. I was so impressed because I have a complicated site with many fancy designs but it doesn't matter on their servers. They really are the fastest and they know so much. I trust them with everything.

Case study about Yuli-B
Yuliana Basmajyan