What’s our secret to webhosting speed?

1. Strong hardware

Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised where corners are cut. We have powerful CPU’s, fast memory, and really fast SSD drives in raid set-up. Other hosts use weak CPU’s, weaker memory, or slower drives. Not all SSD drives are equal!

2. Aggressive configuration

We’re total speed addicts and did it long before it became a trend. The founder (Johnny Nguyen) is a well-known and respected member on the WordPress Speed Up FaceBook Group and has been tweaking his sites and servers for maximum speed since 2010. Most other hosts will never set aggressive configurations because they value efficiency over effectiveness, to maximize profits.

3. Low-tenant servers

We never pack our servers with tons of clients. This allows plenty of resources for everyone and fantastic speeds. It’s the difference between living in a large townhome vs cramped apartment building. Again, we prioritize performance over profits.


Other performance benefits

1. Native security for WP-admin login and XML-RPC.

Our server already has built-in security against brute force hackers for WordPress admin login URL and XML-RPC protocol. This saves you from having to install software-level security plugins that slow down your site with extra PHP requests. It’s funny but having a more efficient security system actually improves performance!

2. Cache freedom

Our servers play well with almost any cache plugin on the market (although we do have favorites). We’re not one of those webhosts that force you to use their own homegrown cache plugin. We’ve always hated those as they’re built more for efficiency rather than true performance. The dirty little secret is that many of those plugins don’t cache well for complicated sites like WooCommerce stores or membership sites (logged-in users).

3. Htaccess compatibility

Having htaccess is really convenient! Easy to create redirects and other rules you may want for performance, security, or convenient purposes. Users love it as it’s easy to migrate configurations to our serves as you don’t have to rewrite them in NGINX or use some clunky 3rd-party interface. Putting redirects in htaccess also improves site performance over doing it via a redirection plugin!

4. Faster backends

Our servers are truly faster and allow for faster backend performance as well the frontend. Other hosts may have only faster (cached) frontends but still awfully slow backends. Sure, your visitors don’t ever visit the WP admin but it’s you that works in there everyday. Why not have a faster backend so you can enjoy makes changes and fixing your site. No more waiting 5-10 seconds for every click in the admin section!