JVPS company updates and WordPress tips.

WP Toolkit now enabled for all cPanel servers

WHM/cPanel finally released the WordPress management addon we've all been waiting for! I'll go over its features in another another post but just check it out when you get the chance and enjoy the features available. The DELUXE is coming out soon and we'll be looking to have it on all WHM/cPanel servers. What does this mean for you? You can now do more WordPress management tasks right
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Hello AGENCY plan, goodbye TINY plan!

The JVPS managed hosting service is removing the TINY plan (existing clients can stay) and now offers a new "AGENCY" plan. If you are on the TINY plan, don't worry! You still get to keep it with the same price and everything. Nothing changes. We're only removing it as an option for new sign-ups. Why are we removing the TINY plan? Our clients have grown a lot since we started. The TINY
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USA Central server now open!

We've just opened up a USA Central (Dallas, TX) server location for managed hosting clients. Anyone that wants to be moved to that one, let us know in the comments below. Or can also open up a ticket with us to start the process. Let us know which time of day is best for the move. The process is mostly automated and actually very quick, even for large sites. There is very little downtime but
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PHP 7.4 now available

PHP 7.4 is now available on all our servers. (Dedicated VPS folks, please let us know if we missed any of you.) Better performance...around 8-10% performance gain over PHP 7.3.Better security.Extra karma in your next life.I will love you more. To update your PHP version, please follow this simple guide: Change PHP version - JVPS docsI swear it's super easy. Like 2 clicks.If you have any
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JohnnyVPS 2-year anniversary and future rambles

What a crazy ride it's been. Time really does fly. It seems only just yesterday that our service went public and now we're nearly halfway to the 5-year anniversary mark. Thank you As always, I want to thank you all for making this such a joyful and worthwhile endeavor. I never thought of webhosting as hanging out with friends and family but that's exactly what it's been. For years before
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Server Monitoring

Want to monitor your server or website uptime? (And be notified via email/sms/etc when it goes down?) Easy! Sign up for (they have a really handy free plan)For more complicated APP monitoring and slow-queries, etc. You can use New Relic. (We'll be happy to install it for you.)
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Introducing…the JVPS Affiliate Program!

Get paid commission for referring new clients to JohnnyVPS. Clients and friends have been asking about an affiliate program for a while now but I resisted for many reasons. Because I wanted our success to come from our quality of service, not commissions (like many other webhosts).Because I was afraid of people recommending us to the wrong kinds of clients. (Difficult, newbie,
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JVPS finally adds 24-hour ticket support

Yes...finally! It took a look time to find the right company to partner with but we did it and very happy with the results so far. From now on, there will be 24-hour support through our ticket system: They will help with all emergency issues. Please use our ticket system if you have a random site down or server down.Other non-emergency requests or questions regarding WordPress or billing
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Youtube embed not working in WordPress editor (affecting several datacenters globally)

PSA: Youtube is blocking auto-embed requests from many datacenters globally. (Our Singapore datacenter being one of them.) If you've been having issue with auto-embed pasted Youtube urls into your editor, it's not your site or even your web-server. We have a few mitigation tactics for this issue. (Will also update this if we think of others.)
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