Shaan Nicol runs, an AWESOME web design & development agency (based in Singapore) for businesses all over the world. They create super high-end ultra-polished web design work only a monthly basis. (See their portfolio). Dealing with a company of such prestige is an absolute joy and honor for us. They have the budget for webhost they want. In fact, agencies like this are routinely offered free “agency” plans by webhosts out there looking to win over ‘influencers’ in the industry. But they chose us…why? For the speeds, of course. ūüėČ

Their website although it appears really minimal and clean (also coded super-well), is actually much heavier than appears. They have many plugins and hidden client sections throughout the backend. Portfolios, galleries, feedback tools, trackers, support scripts, and plenty more. This site was actually one of the more challenging ones to optimize for because it isn’t common for one site to utilize so many different functions. We cycled through multiple cache mechanisms and optimization tactics before settling on the current configurations. What you see now is a site that loads just as cleanly as its design and coding.

A funny story is how we met. Shaan and I met on the Genesis Slack channel. He had some issues with his current webhost and was looking for a new one. Not wanting to be biased, I recommended some other companies and even tried to help migrate him. But they all fell short one way or another. Some of the big name high-performance ones were excessively complex to set up and their support wasn’t available during the ASIA-PACIFIC business hours. After wasting enough time, I finally volunteered my own service at some point.

Thank you for the chance to work with you, and the referrals you send our way. See you on Slack, Shaan. ūüėČ

I approached Johnny because I was having issues with my site speed and optimisation, I’d spent a long time trying CDNs and page caching and it just wasn’t getting the results I needed. He was really helpful diagnosing and optimising my site on its previous hosting platform, so we decided we could push it further on his platform. The result was astounding, we got rid of a lot of dependencies and slashed the loading times across the main website as well as a number of our micro-sites. One thing I liked was their no bullshit approach, I was confident that Johnny was going to recommend me the best solution, even if that wasn’t on his platform, he just wanted us to succeed. I found the experience painless, and I’ve already migrated a number of my clients to his hosting service, so I would recommend Johnny to people who need ultra-fast WordPress hosting without the hassle.

– Shaan Nicol

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