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Ultra-fast, reliable, and secure web hosting for serious WordPress sites. Battle-tested by developers, managed by rockstar admins.

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Increase your traffic, sales and website size without slowing down your user experience. Scale for success!


  • Increase read times
  • More posts clicked
  • Display banner ads and pop-ups without slowdowns
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  • More professional appearance
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Allow flashy effects and videos without slowdowns
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  • Increase e-commerce sales
  • Improve shopping experience
  • Load thousands of products without slowdowns
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Why should your website load fast?

Compare us against other providers. WP Engine, Cloudways, Siteground

  • Better user experience in all devices (especially mobile).
  • Longer visit times, more revisits, more conversions, increased sales.
  • Higher Google search-rankings.

Meet the Speed Experts

Who are we? A small team with years of experience in WordPress and webhosting. We enjoy life, work hard, play hard, and sleep at [mostly] normal hours. Learn more about us.

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Features of JohnnyVPS

Ultra-fast Speed

Using finely-tuned server configurations, updated modules, and cutting-edge "aggressive" caching techniques. It also helps that our servers aren't oversold and we have no investor expectations to meet.

Proven Reliability

We've forgotten what the average web server is like; hours of down-time monthly or even weekly—yikes! Our datacenters have had virtually 100% up-time since 2010. We handle massive sites, too. No playing around.

Enterprise Security

Enterprise-grade security done right at the server-level, not via slow consumer-grade plugins. Our servers have built-in protection from brute force hacks, XML-RPC spam, and DDOS-attacks on layer 3 & 4.


Other webhosts may give you confusing control panels putting things in unintuitive places. Here, you get a nicely cleaned up version of the familiar CPANEL!

Skilled Support

Talk to engineers, not script-readers or junior admins. We know who you are and can fix all your webhosting problems. What we won't do is teach clients how to use WordPress. Fair?

Friendly Neighbors

We carefully vet all new accounts. No shady businesses, spammers, hack magnets, or other resource-abusers allowed on our servers.

Customer Reviews

I was having a hard time with different VPS hosting providers. Support (at Inmotion VPS) was horrible and almost non-existent even though I was paying high prices. My sites were slow. The load times were between 3-5 seconds consistently, and that was with caching plugins and CDN’s enabled. I was at the end of my rope, and then I met Johnny.

Their story
Kristin Hanes

Johnny is a very experienced and helpful WordPress expert who increased my site speed exponentially. My webpage went from 10-13 seconds on every click down to now instantaneous, even on my phone! The site is crazy fast, holy sh*t, insane. I had no idea my site could be this fast, it’s 1000 times better

Their story
Manuel Oviedo

I basically had these 2 issues slowing down my site. It is strange to let a stranger take care of my site, I felt so useless. I have seen you are very present on the fb group, and people like me are lucky to have people like you. Johnny, huge thanks for your help. I really appreciate and thank you a lot. You are amazing, man.

Their story
Pankaj Kumar

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Their story
Yuliana Basmajyan

All set for Record-Breaking Speeds!?

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  • Limit of 1 site
  • 3gb fast SSD storage
  • 10,000 visits/month
  • cPanel access
  • SSL certificates
  • Free website migrations.
  • Free caching & speed optimization service for 1 WordPress site.
  • Yes, it works with WordPress.
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  • Limit of 5 sites
  • 8gb fast SSD storage
  • 100,000 visits/month
  • cPanel access
  • SSL certificates
  • Free website migrations.
  • Free caching & speed optimization service for 1 WordPress site.
  • Yes, it works with WordPress.



  • Limit of 15 sites
  • 12gb fast SSD storage
  • 300,000 visits/month
  • cPanel access
  • SSL certificates
  • Free website migrations.
  • Free caching & speed optimization service for 1 WordPress site.
  • Yes, it works with WordPress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don't have overhead, marketing campaigns, or investor projections to meet. We don't offer fancy backup/staging/customer-support features they do. We focus on providing fast servers, not superficial features.

We have multiple admins with full control. In case we all die, the servers will keep running (automated software) and you get some free months of hosting before migrating to another webhost.

That’s exactly how we think, too! We use the same hardware datacenters and server software as the largest companies around the world. Only difference is our configurations and service. This is not a basement operation.

Like other industries (hair-salon, design, IT, automotive, etc), smaller companies care more about you. It also helps that our techs aren't spread thin like with large companies (imagine 100 servers per tech).

We've been in the web development and webhosting industry for 10+ years. Managing clients across many servers gives us unique insight into what clients really need. Also, we love it.

We're not for everyone. We're great for tech-savvy website owners who want FAST SPEEDS and don't need much customer support or superficial features.