Affiliate Program

Welcome to the JVPS affiliate program!

We appreciate you for believing in what we do and wanting to share us with your friends, family, and clients. We promise to give them the same warm welcome that you had. And in return, also provide you with a competitive affiliate rewards program.

Important details below:

  • Commission Rate – 2x value of monthly price. (If the plan is $25/month, you will earn $50.)
  • Commissions are earned after the customer has stayed for 60 days.
  • Commission payouts are sent at the beginning of every month.
  • Payout requirements: 1) you must have PayPal, 2) minimum payout is $50 USD.
  • The tracking cookie is set for 3 months. You get credit for sign-ups made within 3 months from when the affiliate link was visited.
  • Due to our refund-anytime policy, we cannot pay higher for annual plans (you will still earn the same 2x of the monthly price).
  • We have the right to change our affiliate commission rate or reward structure at any time.
  • All earnings are subject to taxes.
  • You’re not allowed to compete with us on branded SEO terms that outrank our own pages.

Affiliate resources we have for you:

  • Links, stats and earnings.
  • Graphics, logos and banners.
  • Description blurbs. (coming soon)
  • White pages (coming soon)
  • Affiliate Resources page will be available here (visible only to registered affiliates).

Ready to sign up?

Register your JVPS account here.

  • Existing or previous JVPS customers can simply log into their account billing area and click on Account > Affiliates, then “Activate Affiliate Account”.
  • Once in here, you’ll see your referral links, stats and earnings.
  • Still have questions? Contact us.