Yuliana Basmajyan runs yuli-b.com, a highly-customized WooCommerce store with many products, images, custom-post types, and various other fancy aesthetics and functions. Yuliana is actually one of our development clients. It is such an honor to build a site of this magnitude. She is a well respected tango dancer and sells shoes, teaches classes/workshops, hosts visiting teachers, and also organizes big tango events in the Los Angeles area. Her old site (on Shopify) was too clumsy to use and lacked the flexibility she needed to have different types of content.

We completely re-designed and coded the site from scratch, taking 6 months to make things as perfect as can perfectly be!…meticulously adjusting her design to look great on every device (desktop, tablet, mobile), and carefully writing every PHP request database call to be as efficient as possible. The end result was exactly as we dreamed of. A beautiful custom site loading in record time! 2MB page size in under 200ms load time!

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