About JohnnyVPS Who we are and what we believe in...

This page regularly updated. We did not expect our recent clients to spread the word about our service so fast and we’re prioritizing server-work over fancy website pages. Have any questions? Leave a comment or contact us, we’re passionate techies and love talking about what we do.

Who we are

  • Johnny (USA) – founder, speed specialist, and customer service
  • Walter (HN) – full-stack developer and migrations
  • Asfi (ID) – enterprise systems administrator
  • Merle (IN) – LiteSpeed/NGINX administrator and migrations
  • Craig (UK) – graphics and UI/UX designer
  • Bryan (USA) – systems and migrations
  • Ivan (BG) – dev ops, security analyst and penetration testing
  • Denis (CZ) – developer, NGINX and malware expert
  • Other staff – systems admin, support, accounts.

Background in WordPress development

We are total WordPress fanatics, most of us since 10-15 years ago when WordPress came on the scene alongside Joomla and Drupal. Half our team are web developers, having created nearly thousands of websites (including some large brands), and personally written or contributed to many WordPress plugins out there. We’ve also custom-coded many of our own in-house themes/plugins. (Read more about our beginning.)

Background in webhosting

The other half of our team come from a strict server management background, (sys-admin, dev-ops, security, etc). Asfi was former senior admin for a large webhosting company in Asia. Merle and Ivan have done corporate network administration for 10+ years.

Experience in high-performance hosting

As mentioned before, we come from a background in development. Naturally with large agency clients and busy websites, we optimize for maximal speed and likewise for server load. We are the masters of it because we understand the entire stack ‘from code to load’.

“Ultra-fast from code to load!” – lol, I should coin this (Johnny).

Business roadmap

We do not believe in cheap webhosting:

  • Upsell model – weak servers staffed behind army of chat support to blame your website or upsell you to higher plans.
  • Affiliate-marketing model – weak servers recommended to uninformed consumers by bloggers/developers for commission.

These are not real hosting companies to us. They buy the cheapest servers and do the least amount of maintenance possible. Slow speeds, frequent downtimes, outdated modules, and poor security. Maximum profit is all they care about…after all, you paid your 3-years upfront—right?

We also don’t believe in overpriced models of managed webhosting:

  • Inflated specs model – inflating number of cores (using weaker CPU), “false” memory (using storage space), or high storage space (but slow drives).
  • Reactive management model – sold as “100% managed 24/7” but in reality it’s never touched. When you have issues, they send a level-1 tech.
  • Pay-per-view model – sold as a scalable plan (‘pay only what you use’), but ends up more expensive than leasing your own server.

Higher-budget customers pay these premiums never knowing they’re being duped not only out of money, but also out of performance. We would never recommend this for our development clients and will also never recommend them to you.

Slow organic growth

We want to remain as small and agile for as long as possible. There is no greater job satisfaction than the close-knit relationship within our team and clients. There is absolutely no rush to meet investor demands or capture market share. Our 100% remote team enjoys life, sleeps at normal hours, and would like to stay that way.

Since 2010, we’ve hosted only for development clients and individuals/businesses with high-traffic websites. (Cheap hosting was never our interest.) But there is now a new market for webhosting—the middleground webhosting tier offering high-speed hosting to smaller clients.

We can easily serve them with our high-performance infrastructure already battle-tested for many years with bigger sites. We’re going about our business sharing our expertise with all those who appreciate, pushing WordPress hosting to the max and improving user experience all around the world.

Core beliefs


  • Honest specs – no gimmicky inflated specs. When we say “8-core CPU”, you get the best 8 CORES on the market.
  • Deferred upsell – we will tweak your servers the very best we can before telling you to upgrade. We have genuine egotistical pride in being able to delay the server up-size for as long as possible. Why buy a $160 server when you can do it with an $80 one?
  • Rejecting clients – if we think your application is best served elsewhere, we will tell you. We don’t believe in hosting applications that don’t fit our servers/skillset.
  • Hassle-free refunds – we mean it. Already outgrown our service or just want something different? You get your money back and we can still be friends. (Prorated refunds, though.)


  • Powerful resources – great hardware, great software, relaxed limits.
  • Updated modules – PHP 7.3, mariaDB, Memcache/Redis object-caching, server-level caching. All the standard things you would expect from any performance host. The difference is we actually allow you the resources to make use of them.
  • Low tenant – we’re not greedy bastards. You’ll have plenty of burst capacity to fly on our powerful servers! Our servers are not packed to maximum capacity.
  • Flexible stacks – we can customize stacks to your application. You aren’t held hostage to any biased configuration. We work happily in Apache, LiteSpeed, and NGINX.


  • The highest industry-level TIER-4 datacenters with industry-standard 99.9% service level agreements (SLA). Sure, some promise 100% or 99.9999% SLA but it usually only means they give you more money back for downtimes (no actual difference in infrastructure).
  • Downtimes can and do happen (even to big companies, FB/Amazon). Our downtimes usually come only from rare datacenter power outages and not because of excessive maintenance or “unexplained server accidents”.
  • We do offer HA-proxy for enterprise clients who really need it, just ask.


  • We deploy security in the most optimal way, at the SERVER LEVEL. It’s not only more secure but faster this way.
  • You can get rid of those silly “security plugins”. They’re made for sites on cheap hosting without server control. They work only at the software level, still not fully securing the environment and decrease site performance (adding PHP processing to each request).


  • We take pride in our expertise as speed specialists. The magic is always in the configurations. This is why many webhosts can use the same software but some run faster than others.
  • Your servers are maintained by experts! Not automated scripts or junior techies following a checklist. There is a live level-3 tech with years of experience handling your server on a regular basis.
  • Our stack is really hard to beat. We know because we try to beat it.


  • Yes, we know WordPress very VERY well. Any issue you have with your site, we can pinpoint it and tell you how to fix it. Should you need development work, we can give you an honest quote or direct you to other appropriate channels.
  • You don’t have to worry about support techs that don’t know WordPress or inadvertently break your site because they don’t understand how certain plugins work. We’re in close contact with top theme and plugin developers out there. 😉