Frequently Asked Questions

No, we generally don't offer that kind of low-cost plan.

Those plans are usually low-cost and low-performance, and sold by lower-tier webhosting companies. They can afford to give you that much space and many end client accounts because their hardware and support costs are so much cheaper.

With us, you can either choose the Monster plan or go with your own dedicated VPS. With the latter, you can provide individual panel access to your end clients.

Your site doesn't blow up or go down, but we will ask you to upgrade.

If you know you're close to the limit, it would be nice if you can upgrade your account before we ask you to.

I have a perfect 5-star review and great reputation on Facebook and all over the internet.

If you have a crap experience, I'm practically gonna have to pay you and beg you not to ruin my spotless reputation.

Hell yes, it's personal.

It's a complicated answer.

Some other webhosts offer easy 1-click backups because they use cheap drives. The drives we use are not cheap.

Their backups also come with many limitations. How often you can backup or restore, how long you have wait for restores.

Their backups also don't work well for large sites (but people don't realize until it's too late). They also don't restore as easily as you think. Quite often they require human or support intervention… but again, people don't realize.

We've tried to find new solutions of automated systems that backup to block storage drives and all of them are no better than existing solutions.

So we recommend the same as always. Our servers do a full weekly backup every Sunday (late-night Saturday). Our clients should also install a plugin like BackWPup and set it up to backup the database daily to S3. Between a full site weekly backup and a daily database backup, we believe it's the perfect scenario.

In the case of restore, we are happy to help you restore. If you're truly worried about losing data, you are free to do your own full site backups as well. Or don't attempt risky things when our core support team is sleeping.