Introducing…the JVPS Affiliate Program!

Get paid commission for referring new clients to JohnnyVPS.

Clients and friends have been asking about an affiliate program for a while now but I resisted for many reasons.

  • Because I wanted our success to come from our quality of service, not commissions (like many other webhosts).
  • Because I was afraid of people recommending us to the wrong kinds of clients. (Difficult, newbie, high-maintenance ones.)
  • Because I wanted to grow slowly. To really give every client a great experience.

And don’t get me wrong, I still have those same reservations. But I realized other people don’t worry like I do. They’re still going to refer us regardless and it’s only fair that I come up with a way to reciprocate that generosity. We’re now offering 2 months commission for any client you refer (basically, you get a flat rate of 2x whatever their monthly plan costs.)

Things are much smoother now. We have 24/7 support staff in place. Our process for new clients are more streamlined. We can handle it. Thank you for believing in us.

Sign up or learn more about it here:

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