JohnnyVPS 2-year anniversary and future rambles

What a crazy ride it’s been. Time really does fly. It seems only just yesterday that our service went public and now we’re nearly halfway to the 5-year anniversary mark.

Thank you

As always, I want to thank you all for making this such a joyful and worthwhile endeavor. I never thought of webhosting as hanging out with friends and family but that’s exactly what it’s been.

For years before JVPS, we use to battle with our servers alone. With only empty victories of keeping ours and our client sites online. Today’s webhosting is more than just that. We’re hosting clients so much bigger than we could ever have developed for and just inspired by the sheer creativity and amazingness that happens on our servers. Some of you guys are really changing the world, making it better, and just great people all around.

I personally enjoyed fixing many of your problems and seeing the in’s and out’s of your work. Thanks for your patience. And thanks for you ingenuity…hahaha, some of you would be good admins (I’m serious). ūüôā

Future outlook on webhosting:

  • Really interesting to see the explosion of “managed hosting” services out there. Many of them are already adapting their prices and services to tighter niche markets.
  • JVPS will likely raise prices in the future. Don’t you worry, all current clients will be grandfathered in…we will never ever ever raise your rates!!
  • Curious to open up a South America location. Only thing is the datacenter down there is more expensive. Do comment or let us know if you’re interested.
  • We probably won’t code our own hosting interface but we have talked about a cPanel custom skin.
  • PHP 7.4 should be coming soon.
  • 1-click backups and staging….arghhh, I have no idea when cPanel will add it natively.


  • My mind is really scrambled lately due to all this corona madness. Please stay safe everyone.
  • Oh yeah, if this pandemic is affecting your income and ability to pay your webhosting bills, do talk to me! I will help anyway that I can. ūüôā

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