Hello AGENCY plan, goodbye TINY plan!

The JVPS managed hosting service is removing the TINY plan (existing clients can stay) and now offers a new “AGENCY” plan.

  • If you are on the TINY plan, don’t worry! You still get to keep it with the same price and everything. Nothing changes. We’re only removing it as an option for new sign-ups.

Why are we removing the TINY plan?

Our clients have grown a lot since we started. The TINY plan was originally designated as a low-cost “introductory” plan for new clients to try us out before eventually upgrading to the beefier plans.

Fortunately…things have gone well and it’s no longer needed. Nearly all clients are now on POWER plans and above. And we now have many “mini-agency” clients that host many sites but don’t need a full blown dedicated VPS yet.

The solution was a no-brainer. Replace the TINY plan with a new AGENCY plan. Quite simply, it serves our client base better. And the existing POWER plan is still cheap enough for curious intro-clients anyway.

What happens to existing clients on TINY plans?

All pre-existing TINY accounts will get to stay at that price point. You can sit on that plan forever! Pass it on to your grandchildren if you like.

What’s included in the new AGENCY plan?

The agency plan was designed for web development agencies needing to host more sites and traffic but still not ready for a dedicated server. It allows more sites, more space, and much more traffic than the current MONSTER plan.

Let’s compare the AGENCY against the MONSTER plan:


  • $50/month
  • 15 sites
  • 12gb storage
  • 300,000 visits/month
  • Free speed optimization for 3 sites.

The AGENCY plan allows 5 more sites but over 3x the traffic amount. And I optimize 5 sites for you instead of 3.


  • $75/month
  • 20 sites
  • 20gb storage
  • 1,000,000 visits/month
  • Free speed optimization for 5 sites.

Any other upcoming changes?

We are always testing out new technology at work and pushing our limits. Our next solution will be for the mega enterprise clients. The ones accustomed to paying $1-5k/month and above for hosting, we are testing a new stack just for you.

Stay tuned for the next update from JVPS…where the admins never sleep! ūüėČ

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