Best 3rd-party Email Service

Want the best email service, in terms of deliverability and spam-filtering? Here are your options: G-Suite - gold standard, also includes many Google cloud services, integrates nicely with Gmail mobile app, but expensive ($5/user) MXroute - cheap and awesome service, unlimited domains and emails but limited space. Rackspace/Zoho - like Google's but cheaper (~$2-3/user) and lots of
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Brotli compression coming to JohnnyVPS

This is something I've been thinking about for a while. GZIP has been king of the compression world for nearly 2 decades but Brotli is now finally being adopted by more updated hosts. I've been testing it on several servers to see which compression levels would be most suitable (basically anywhere from 4-6) and will soon launch it live on our US West server....this weekend probably. What does
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