Ultra-fast WordPress hosting for businesses

Today’s BUSINESS sites are more dynamic than ever!

Business sites keep getting more dynamic every year. It’s not enough to have a simple site with easy navigation links. It seems even the “simple” business site needs to stand out with hero backgrounds, videos, parallax effects, forms, pop-ups, chat scripts, and trackers.

And we haven’t forgotten about the sites that actually run their business online:

  • membership – courses, forums, profiles
  • organizations – businesses, communities, support groups
  • listing sites – reviews, comparisons, coupons, real estate, jobs, directories
  • downloads – public files, private files, uploads

All this while hoping their pages load immediately for potential customers.


  1. Heavy homepages – pagebuilder, giant images/videos, multiple webfonts, flashy JS effects, scripts and trackers.
  2. Heavy frontend plugins – image galleries, portfolios, testimonials, slideshows.
  3. Heavy backend plugins – businesses may have heavy plugins for managing users (customers, visitors, employees), marketing (traffic, ads, leads, SEO), social media engagement, and more.
  4. Private content – business sites have the greatest difficulty with private pages and logged-in users as it’s tricky to cache for them. Each user sees slightly different bits of content, which requires not only object caching but some intelligent private-caching.
  5. Security – one of the biggest slowdowns for sites with logged-in users is managing login and data security. Quite often, security features come at the cost of performance.

SPEEDING UP load times for business sites

  1. Multi-layer caching – business sites need almost every caching mechanism to reach maximum performance. Static caching (prebuilt) for all public pages, object caching for private pages, browser cache, etc.
  2. Asset load management – some plugins load their CSS/JS on all pages even when they’re not used. Carefully enqueuing and dequeuing these assets would greatly speed up page-load.
  3. Re-organizing private content – private content is more easily-cached depending on how your design places user-specific content.
  4. Optimizing static assets – carefully optimizing all static assets and how they’re loaded will greatly affect visual page rendering. Compression, concatenation, and refactoring!
  5. Managing external assets – deferring assets, DNS-prefetching external sources, and even localizing or excluding external assets. The goal is not to adversely affect user experience.

How JVPS speeds up business sites:

  1. Aggressive caching – we aren’t stingy with our prebuild mechanisms. Get your entire site pre-cached so it loads fast for every visitor! Pre-caching is especially beneficial for sites with low traffic.
  2. Strong servers – get that fast/snappy backend performance for logged-in users. Anything that can’t be cached will be dynamically processed by the CPU!
  3. Speed consultation – we’ve been there and done that. Seen it all! Our team is happy to advise you on your current themes and plugins. What you should keep and what you should replace. Curious to know what our other clients are using?…simply ask them on our friendly Facebook group!
  4. Built-in security – our servers automatically protect against brute-force attacks, XML-RPC spam, and DDOS attacks. Protection implemented at the server-level is much more efficient than at the software-level (slow php, which affects performance).
  5. Comprehensive modules – business sites often need plugins that depend on various server modules and libraries. Need ioncube, GD, ImageMagick, iconv, cURL, and so forth? We can enable them…yes, just for you!