Ultra-fast WordPress hosting for Agencies

Need super-fast hosting for your clients?

Clients want fast webhosting now more than ever. Sites keep getting more and more bloated, more effects, more scripts and trackers, more features and functions. Your clients demanded all these flashy features and now they want it to load fast! The speed is actually only half the battle.

The other important aspect of hosting clients is the management. Is it really worth your time managing your client’s webhosting? Do you really want to handle the technical aspects of server management? Do you even want to mess with the billing?

Hosting client websites can be a nice business, make your job easier, and also strengthen your relationship with clients. If that’s the challenge you’d like to grow into, then we are here to support you every step of the way!

COMMON PROBLEMS with hosting client sites

  1. Poor webhosting performance – this is probably the biggest nightmare. These aren’t your servers so you don’t have control and basically have to trust some 3rd party to do their job. Whatever they do wrong will reflect poorly on you!
  2. Having to support clients – this can be good or bad depending on your relationship with clients. If you’re already dealing with them regularly (and compensated fairly), hosting them won’t feel like extra work. If you prefer to have self-sustainable clients who never contact you, hosting their website may increase random phone calls and emails even if the webhosting isn’t the problem.
  3. Handling billing – things get icky when money is involved. What happens when your clients don’t pay their bill? Maybe they forgot or need an extension. Are you going to wait for them or take down their site? How much of a late fee would you charge?
  4. Resource hogging – it’s common to have one client slowing down the server or messing things up for other clients. There’s always “that one client”. It’s a nightmare having to explain to clients why their service could fail for things out of their (and your) control.
  5. Value marketing – many clients aren’t tech-savvy and don’t know anything about webhosting. They fall in love with buzzwords and latest market trends. They’ll constantly ask why your service is better than others, then still not understand why yours is better, and some will still choose your competitor anyway!

How JVPS delivers incredible webhosting for agencies:

  1. High-performance – fast, reliable, and secure servers. Everything designed to handle massive traffic day in and day out. Managed by a trusted team of experts. Many of you have tried our services personally before trusting your clients with us. We appreciate you.
  2. Top-notch server management – we’re always in there! Tweaking and configuring. Have special requests?…need custom modules installed or want things configured a little differently? We’re happy to fit your needs. Most of all, your server is managed by humans, not automated scripts.
  3. Honest feedback – we’ve been there and done that. Seen it all! Our team can advise you on your current themes and plugins. What to keep and what to replace. Curious to know what our other clients are using?…simply ask them on our friendly Facebook group!
  4. Built-in security – ecommerce sites are especially vulnerable to hackers targeting sensitive data. Our servers automatically protect against brute-force attacks, XML-RPC spam, and DDOS attacks. Best of all, server-level protection is much more efficient than software-level protection (preventing attacks from slowing down your store)
  5. Reseller friendly – user-friendly control panels (cPanel, Plesk, etc), automated billing software available (WHMCS, Blesta), resource management (CloudLinux, server monitors)…we’ll make reselling easy for you! Yes, you can brand the server and pages/emails with your own company name and logos.