USA East Coast server now open!


We are opening up a USA East Coast server today. Anyone that wants to be moved to that one, let us know in the comments below. Or can also open up a ticket with us to start the process. Let us know which time of day is best for the move. The process is mostly automated and actually very quick, even for large sites. There is very little downtime but just to be safe, you shouldn’t do any content updates for a few hours while DNS propagates.

As always, I just want to thank ALL of you guys for our growth and I l love you all. <3

As an FYI:

  • Both USA West and USA East are equally good for for nationwide US traffic. Coast-to-coast DNS difference is only about 50ms difference at most.
  • USA East is better if you have USA & Europe traffic.
  • USA West is better if you have USA & world traffic (Europe, Asia, Australia).

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