JohnnyVPS 1st anniversary and future roadmap

Dear beloved JVPS clients,

It’s now been 1 year and 2 months since the JohnnyVPS webhosting service has gone public and what a magical ride it’s been. We never expected the service to grow as smoothly and as quickly as it has, and we this success to our team and of course, our incredible clients.

You guys have been so kind and patient with our team members every step of the way and so appreciate your positive attitudes. We wish great success to our business and yours as well for the next many years!

Johnny Nguyen

How we started

We started over 10 years ago (2006) as a web development shop, building websites for clients. Aside from developing sites, we also managed the webhosting for some of these sites.

Traffic growth, and popularity of mobile-browsing, led us to focusing on speed. Our developers fine-tuned every aspect of WordPress to make it leaner and faster. Our sys-admins and dev-ops experts tweaked our servers to get record-breaking speeds. The results were phenomenal. We had achieved ultra-fast page load speeds while handling massive traffic.

In 2018, Johnny joined some Facebook groups (on WordPress, webhosting, and speed optimization) out of curiosity. And was shocked to find how far ahead of the trends we were. WordPress sites were more bloated than ever thanks to pagebuilders, and overloaded themes/plugins. But popular speed plugins were only just now “inventing” tactics that we had already thought of years ago. Users argued over optimizations methods without actually understanding them. Page scores were constantly misinterpreted. Hardly anyone knew anything about server configurations, and people were STILL getting ripped off on webhosting.

We were already a busy web development shop so our only intention on Facebook was just to chat about our technical passions and have fun. We chimed in and helped others when we could or asked others for opinions on products/services we haven’t tried.

As life’s unspoken rules always go:

  • It’s easy to make friends, when you’re helping others.
  • And it’s easy to find business, when you’re making friends.

It wasn’t long before we made many new unexpected clients, this time for speed optimization. Many wanted only WordPress speed optimization. Others also had poorly configured servers that need retuning. Some had no idea what they needed and simply wanted an honest opinion.

One client (now a friend), Kevin Saitta, strongly encouraged us to release our webhosting servers into the wild and so we did. We didn’t expect anything but the response was incredible. We immediately attracted the best clients any business could ever hope for. Incredible human-beings across many interesting fields, and completely appreciative of our work. What more can we ask for?

Lessons learned:

  • The best clients are always the ones that come to you. This is one reason we never chase or beg anyone to try our service. Our referrals and reputation online do all the work!
  • There is such a thing as ill-fitted clients. Our business model isn’t built around pleasing everyone. And we’ll never allow one client to over-use their fair amount of resources or affecting other clients in any way.
  • Steady growth is the best. Carefully onboarding new clients and taking your time with each one is the only way to build meaningful relationships. We’re aiming to grow as slowly as possible over the years to maintain our quality of service.

Achievements this past year:

  • Webhosting service gone public.
  • Many servers opened up.
  • Happy clients. Many happy reviews/testimonials on social media and personal blogs.
  • New website and documentation created for new clients/accounts/servers.
  • Growing FB community interaction.
  • Strategic partnerships with other tech companies. ūüėČ

What’s in our future?

  • Staying on top of all the latest technology coming out.
  • Exploring more aggressive speed tactics. (As usual)
  • Expanding to more locations.
  • Tweaking our server offerings.
  • More support and helpful material for agencies. (We love you guys.)
  • Exploring new control panels, Plesk and CyberPanel. Maybe others.
  • Still sleeping on time! ūüėÄ

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