cPanel sudden price increase…and its ill effects

Heads up, everyone. JVPS is currently testing different control panels. Ever since cPanel’s recent poorly-advised plans to increase their prices, many webhosts are forced to find alternatives or else pass down the costs to their customers.

Currently, our future looks something like this:

  • All “managed plans” will keep cPanel and the same price.
  • New dedicated VPS plans will have different options for control panel. We previously offered only cPanel & Plesk but will now offer CyberPanel as well.
  • Current dedicated VPS plans (using cPanel) may keep their same pricing or slight cost increase.

We understand this is a total pain and we’re doing everything we can to find a fair solution for all parties involved. We are sorry to spring this up on you but that’s exactly what cPanel did to the industry. Many webhosts have no choice but to pay 200-800% more in licensing fees. On a side note, we’re very excited at what CyberPanel can do and curious to see how it grows into a major player in the future.

For those who didn’t know:

CPanel was bought out by investors a short while ago and now seem to want a faster return on their investment. They know their software is so closely embedded with thousands of businesses worldwide and many people don’t have a choice but to use them. They took advantage of that and increased their prices overnight.

What used to be a flat rate of $15/month for one VPS server (no matter how many accounts is now:

  • $15/month for one server, for ONE account
  • $20/month for one server, for 2-5 accounts
  • $30/month for one server, for 6-30 accounts
  • And from here, all extra accounts are an extra $0.10 or $0.20 depending on how it’s calculated.

I didn’t get the pricing so perfect exactly but you can see them for yourself:

Honestly, it’s just disgusting and predatory what they’re doing. Raising prices overnight without adding any value. The beauty of the tech industry is we move quick and adapt rapidly.

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