PHP 7.3 now available at JohnnyVPS!

We are excited to announce that PHP 7.3 (shown to be 10-15% faster than PHP 7.2) is now officially released on all JVPS servers! This goes for our managed WordPress clients as well as those on dedicated VPS. Some helpful thoughts are provided below!

  • Yes, we have the latest version PHP 7.3.3.
  • You can switch PHP versions by going to cPanel > MultiPHP Manager > choose site and then apply PHP 7.3.
  • How to know if your site is compatible? – The easiest way is to try switching first and see if everything works. Check all forms, functions, and features. WordPress core (assuming you’ve updated it) is ready for PHP 7.3. Most themes and plugins are ready as well but older/non-updated ones may not.
  • Developers, you can check the WordPress debug log and console errors as well.

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