Webhosting Migration Preparation

Excited to change to JVPS? Here’s everything we need below:

  1. Pick a plan and sign up here: https://johnnyvps.com/plans/
  2. Provide us with the WP-admin login of you site you need moved.
  3. Provide us old webhosting login.
  4. Let us know if: a) you host emails on the old server, b) you need those email accounts and emails moved over.
  5. Add your domain/s to Cloudflare and invite our account (“jvpsserver” at gmail dot com).

Dedicated VPS clients:

  • Let us know which datacenter you’d like. You can pick pretty much any general region in the world and/or we can recommend for you.
  • If coming from an old server plan, please provide your (root) server logins.

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