How to restore WordPress site from backup (manually)

These instructions are for FULL (database + files) backup restores:

  1. Delete all files and folders inside the website directory you’re restoring for. If this is the main site on your account, it’s probably the “public_html” folder. if this is an addon domain, it’s probably the directory with the same domain as your website (e.g.
  2. Go to cPanel > phpMyAdmin, select the database of the website you’re restoring, select all tables, and choose “DROP” to drop all tables. Then click “Import” at the top and upload the backup of the old database to restore it.
  3. Upload the backup archive onto your website directory (using either cPanel’s File Manager or FTP) and extract it so all files are in the same place as before.
  4. Everything should be working now.


  • If you don’t know which database is used by that site, check inside the wp-config.php for that site and look at the database name.
  • The database backup can be a single file (if you backed up the database separately), or it can be inside the full backup archive if you made a full backup. If it’s the latter, simply extract that on your local computer so you can upload it separately.

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