Repairing a hacked WordPress site

Repairing individual WordPress sites:

  1. Take note of recently-installed themes or plugins.
  2. Check these files to see if there are weird things entered in there: then repair if you know how: .htacess, wp-config, index.php.
  3. Check following directories for weird files: public_html, wp-content, uploads, also subdomain or addon domain directories if you have any.
  4. Install WordFence security plugin – the free version is fine!
  5. Scan your site with WordFence and do the recommended repairs!
  6. Update or remove the plugins or theme that you think made your site vulnerable to the hack.

If you cannot get into your site, please submit a ticket.

Repairing entire server (dedicated VPS clients):

  1. Please submit a ticket and let us handle for you. If our response is delayed or you are trying to resolve issue IMMEDIATELY, please follow this detailed hack recovery guide.

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