Delete a WordPress site

Do you have a site you don’t want anymore? Follow our simple steps below to get rid of it.

METHOD #1 – automatic

If you originally installed the site through the automated WordPress Manager in cPanel, you can simple go to cPanel > Site Software and “Uninstall”. If your site was installed manually or originally migrated from another server, please follow the manual method.

METHOD #2 – manual

  1. Log into cPanel, then go to File Manager.
  2. Enter the site’s directory and view the “wp-config.php” file. Take note of the database name and database user.
  3. Then delete the entire directory. If this site is in the “public_html” directory, delete all contents within the directory but not the “public_html” folder itself. If site is an addon domain or sub-domain, then you can delete the entire folder. (Be careful, ok?)
  4. Go to cPanel > MYSQL Databases > delete the associated database and user. (NOTE: don’t delete the user if it’s still used for other databases.)
  5. If you don’t care to host the domain/sub-domain on our server at anymore, you can delete it from “Addon Domains” or “Subdomains”.

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