Change PHP configuration (php.ini)

Change php memory limits, execution times, upload limits, input vars, enable/disable fopen, etc. This can help provide more memory and time for heavier plugins, larger file uploads (like large mysql database imports).

  • WHM admins – go to MultiPHP INI Editor, also the Tweak Settings > PHP tab.
  • CyberPanel admins – go to PHP > Edit PHP Configs
  • Plesk admins – go to Tools & Settings > PHP settings, then php.ini tab for the PHP version you want to adjust. (If changes don’t take, try switching your site PHP version to another one and then back.)


  • To increase file upload size limits in WordPress or phpMyAdmin, increase both upload_max_filesize and post_max_size.
  • Whatever settings you’d like to change, we recommend doing them for all PHP versions…yes, even the ones you think aren’t in use.
  • You can also (gracefully) restart your web server if you feel the changes didn’t take effect yet. ūüėČ

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