Install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates (manually)

Learn how to generate SSL certificates for your site. This is usually done after a website migration, but sometimes not necessary if the old SSL certificates were copied over (whether manually copied, or automatically via account transfer tool).

NOTE: these domains need to point to our server IP before you can generate SSL.

  • cPanel users – go to cPanel > SSL/TLS status, select domains/subdomains to generate SSL for and click [Run AutoSSL].
  • CyberPanel users – go to List Websites, scroll down to desired website/s, click Issue SSL.
  • Plesk users – go to domain/website management, then click Let’s Encrypt.
  • CyberPanel admins – go to SSL > then select either “Hostname SSL” (for website domains) or “Mailserver SSL” (for email domains). NOTE: email domains are usually “”; if you don’t have it listed, you can generate it by using the “Create Website” option.

Check your website SSL status here:


  • If the SSL’s don’t show up immediately, check their status. If the status is good but browser doesn’t show green padlock, it might be because of your browser caching old certificate status. Please try another browser on another computer to make sure.
  • It might also be because you did not properly convert all items on your site from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates will renew automatically every 90 days or so.
  • LE SSL’s are also installed automatically for all new domains and sub-domains in cPanel. The daily check runs once daily. But in many cases, it’s better to generate manually immediately after a new website migration so you can have the certificate and green padlock on your browser right away.
  • If for whatever reason you cannot generate new SSL’s for newly-migrated site, we can copy them manually for you from old server. Or you can try yourself if you’re handy with the command line. Look up where SSL certificates are stored on old server and copy them to the proper place on new server.

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