Rules & Benefits

JohnnyVPS is a boutique WordPress hosting service run by a small but talented team. We are faster and also more cost-efficient than other popular “premium hosts” like WPengine/Flywheel/Kinsta. Also MUCH faster than SiteGround/A2/Cloudways/etc. We’re even faster than some $150/month services as well but not here to down-talk anybody. We manage our servers very well. Our service comes with all the standard features, like cPanel logins and all that; everything will look familiar.

Why should your website load fast?

  • Better user experience in all devices, especially mobile.
  • Longer visit times, more revisits, more conversions, increased sales.
  • Higher Google search-rankings.

Who is our service for?

  • Anyone wanting enterprise-grade webhosting but not pay $300/month for it.
  • Anyone sick of dealing with slow servers or downtimes.
  • Anyone wanting answers from an expert instead of “customer service rep”.
  • Anyone who likes having their websites managed by a true “speed addict”.

Please read all my rules, caveats, catches, and other not-so-fine print below. It’ll help us play nicely should future problems or misunderstandings arise.

Some background on JohnnyVPS

  • I’m an experienced web developer with 10+ years of experience.
  • Have built or managed a few thousand sites on popular platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Joomla.
  • Regularly consulted for high-traffic, high-revenue sites around the world.

I’ve managed servers for my own and client sites since 2008. As my traffic grew to millions of hits, so did my expertise in server administration. I got sick of dealing with sub-par servers out there and started hosting client sites myself a few years ago. It was a piece of cake since my servers were better and my systems engineers were better.

Clients and friends/family were so happy knowing my servers were carefully managed for speed, reliability, and security. As the number of accounts grew, so did this unexpected “business”. Today, we consider ourselves among the top performance-hosting experts in the world.

As you may know, webhosting is one of the most finicky aspects of running a business. Most webhosts sell cheap $5/month SHARED hosting plans that run slow as hell. Step away from the cheap-hosts and you’re stuck between the expensive $1000/month DEDICATED server or complicated $100/month managed VPS. Sure, they’re fast but high in cost and technical complexity.

There IS (or seems to be) a happy medium in ultra-fast hosting services like WPengine, Kinsta, Flywheel, Pantheon, Pagely, and many others. The only problem is they’re actually still expensive. Some charge $35/month for only ONE (1) site and 5GB storage! Some also have stingy traffic limits of only 25,000 visits/month. Our plans are cheaper and with looser traffic restrictions.

I nerd out on this tech stuff day after day, helping dozens of users on Facebook/Slack, testing cutting-edge applications on a regular basis. This is a passion more than anything and it brings me great joy to see others benefit from my daily play. To have a website that loads instantaneously is LIFE-CHANGING!

Johnny Nguyen

Benefits of JohnnyVPS:

  1. Your sites run fast as hell – using finely-tuned server configurations, updated modules, and cutting-edge “aggressive” caching techniques. It also helps that our servers aren’t oversold and we have no investor expectations to meet.
  2. Great pricing – we’re not as stingy with our servers. Other premium webhosts charge $35/month for only ONE (1) site. Our $25/month plan lets you have five (5). We also have higher traffic limits, details below.
  3. Rock-solid reliability – we’ve forgotten what the average web server is like; hours of down-time monthly or even weekly—yikes! Our hardware provider and datacenter had virtually 100% up-time since 2010. We handle ecommerce sites with worldwide traffic, too. No playing around.
  4. Managed server convenience – by actual engineers, not script-readers or junior admins. Most high-end VPS/dedicated plans require regular maintenance that you either don’t know how to do or don’t want to pay for. We deal with that stuff and don’t charge you a premium for it.
  5. Easy-to-use (cPanel) – other high-performance webhosts may give you confusing control panels that put things in non-intuitive places. Here, you get the all-time familiar CPANEL!
  6. Test before you buy – because seeing is believing. We’re more than happy to test your site on our servers. In case you’re wondering…you can expect load times below 1s and even under HALF-a-second (500ms). Yes, it’s possible!
  7. Friendly neighbors – we carefully vet all new accounts. No shady businesses, spammers, hack magnets, or other resource-abusers allowed on our servers.
  8. Server-focused spending – our webhosting is the fastest because our spending goes to the server, whereas other companies spend it on support staff. This is great for tech-savvy site owners who don’t like paying for someone else’s support issues.

Rules of JohnnyVPS:

1. You promise not to be a pain-in-the-ass customer.

  • We don’t oversell our servers and cram in 1000 accounts to maximize profit. But in return, we ask that you not be a constant emergency (i.e. breaking your site every day, sending spam, begging us to reset email passwords). Being resourceful keeps costs down for everyone.

2. Limited plans.

  • We don’t promise “unlimited everything” plans and stick you on cheap hardware. High-end resources are limited but abundant when carefully-monitored. Your sites can’t be crazy traffic (100+ million hits/month), database-intensive or resource-hogging like forums, shopping conglomerate, public API, etc. Resource-heavy accounts will be asked to chip in more. With that said, our servers are powerful and handle millions of traffic daily.

3. Updated code.

  • Your sites must have updated software and php 7 minimum. Why? Running the latest modules keeps our servers secure AND FAST! Updated applications are written for compatibility with the latest modules. In contrast, other webhosts are slow because they allow older modules for backwards-compatibility to maximize profit.

4. No 1-click staging features.

  • Most of you don’t really need them and that’s exactly why we don’t bother with it. You can set up staging sites on a sub-domain if you must.

5. Restriction rights.

  • We restrict all plugins that lag the server or affect security. Should you have an awfully-coded theme or plugin, we won’t allow it (but will gladly suggest alternatives).

6. Limited email service.

  • We allow email accounts, but with a reasonable send-rate limit. For serious email hosting, we recommend 3rd-party email services like G-Suite, Rackspace or MXroute for better deliverability rates (less chance of emails caught in “spam”) and spam protection.

7. No “customer service”.

  • We do not offer “customer service”, or at least not in the traditional sense. We don’t teach clients how to set up websites, change passwords, configure emails, or any of that. You (and your web designer/developer) are responsible for your own website matters. We can however make friendly suggestions, or do code changes at an hourly fee. Issues regarding the server and webhosting are definitely handled by us!

8. No gimmicky “Up-time” guarantees.

  • Dishonest webhosts promise 100% up-time but use fine-print to wiggle their way out of refunds. Honest webhosts promise 98-99% up-time. Due to our lean business model, we have opted for neither. It’s legally safer that way. With that said, our servers share the same datacenters hosting large corporations around the world and expect near 99.9999% up-time. Our averaged down-time is usually 60-min PER YEAR (mostly due to upgrades and NOT apocalyptic catastrophes).

9. Only Pro-rated Refunds. 

  • You can cancel our service anytime (for any reason) and we will promptly refund your money for the unused portion of your plan.

10. Rules and agreement may change at anytime.

  • We are free to modify our plans and conditions as we feel necessary.


Q: How are you faster AND cheaper than WPengine/Kinsta?

  • A: We don’t have overhead, marketing campaigns, or investor projections to meet. We don’t offer fancy backup/staging/customer-support features they do. We focus on providing fast servers, not superficial features.

Q: What if you die? (yes, I get this a lot)

  • A: We have multiple admins with full control. In case we all die, the server will keep running (automated software) and you get some free months of hosting before migrating to another server.

Q: What if I trust big companies over small companies?

  • A: That’s exactly how we think, too! We use the same hardware datacenters and server software as the largest companies around the world. Only difference is our configurations and service. This is not a basement operation.

Q: How can small webhosting companies be better than large ones?

  • A: Like other industries (hair-salon, design, IT, automotive, etc), smaller companies care more about you. It also helps that our techs aren’t spread thin like with large companies (imagine 100 servers per tech).

Q: How do I know you’ll be around for the next 5 years?

  • A: We’ve been in the web development and webhosting industry for 10+ years. Managing clients across many servers gives us unique insight into what clients really need. Also, we love it.

Q: How do I know you’re really the best option for me?

  • A: We’re not for everyone. We’re great for tech-savvy website owners who want FAST SPEEDS and don’t need much customer support or superficial features.


Choose a plan below…or contact me for custom plans (more sites, space, traffic, or monthly support). Our custom plans are hidden.

  • Have other special features or requests? Just ask. Worst-case scenario, your site isn’t a good fit for our servers but we’re still friends.
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  • Want your own Dedicated VPS, or already have one? We can manage it!
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