Server Management Plans

Our rates for (semi-proactive) server management:

  • 2-CORE (up to 1 million hits/month) – $50/month
  • 4-CORE (up to 5 million hits/month) – $100/month
  • 6-CORE (up to 10-30 million hits/month) – $150/month
  • Have a bigger server? Ask us for a quote.

Contact us to sign up.

Our 2-core solutions can outperform other 8-core solutions from well-known webhosts like A2, SiteGround, BigScoots. Our 6-core solutions have outperformed even multiple servers each with 8 and 16 cores. (Case study coming soon.)


Why hire us to manage your server?

  • UNRESTRICTED PERFORMANCE – enjoy fast speeds and unrestricted hosting on your own server. (More space, more traffic.)
  • COST SAVINGS – save money on unmanaged servers, but without the technical hassle. (We managed your “unmanaged VPS” for you.)
  • HONEST CONFIGURATIONS – other managed hosts give you stock settings and upsell you when the server slows down. We’ll custom tweak each server so you get every dollar out of it.
  • SEMI-PROACTIVE MANAGEMENT – other managed servers are almost never tended to. The sys-admin only look at your server when you have problems. While our solution isn’t 100% proactive like having a salaried sys-engineer, we do check your server regularly to look for potential issues.
  • GREAT SUPPORT – get a fast human response whenever you need it. Need help with emails, backups, or other weird issues? We’ll handle it with a smile.