New User Welcome

Hello new JohnnyVPS client!

Welcome to the family. We love you. Now let’s get straight to the technical stuff.


Things you should save somewhere for safe-record keeping:

  • Domain registrar info – where you registered your domain. (i.e. GoDaddy, Namecheap, 1and1, etc).
  • New webhosting info – cPanel username and pass. Also keep track of your server IP (it depends on what datacenter you use).
  • FTP login – basically your server IP, and then cPanel user/pass. (Can create more FTP users if you need.)
  • Email logins – are your emails hosted on the web server or 3rd-party (G-Suite/Zoho/Rackspace) or maybe elsewhere? Write down each user and password.
  • WordPress logins – admin user/pass, database name/user/pass.

Also save your old webhosting info (to restore missing files in case you forgot something on the old server):

  • OLD webhosting info – cPanel or control panel login.
  • OLD FTP login – whatever it was
  • OLD email logins – whatever they were.

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