How to setup a new (blank) WordPress site

Learn how to setup a new WordPress site in less than 5 minutes!

1. Add the domain to your cPanel account

  • If the domain is the same one you used to set up your webhosting account, you can skip this step.
  • If you’re adding a regular domain (like or, go to Addon Domains and enter the domain exactly as you want it to be used (either or in the top field. Leave everything else alone and click Add Domain.
  • If it’s a subdomain (like, go to Subdomains and enter the sub-domain exactly as you want it to be used. Leave everything else alone and click Create.

2. Install a new WordPress site through cPanel WordPress Toolkit (easiest way)

  • Scroll to the bottom of cPanel and click on WordPress Toolkit.
  • Click Install button at top left.
  • Choose domain, delete “wordpress” in the subdirectory box, username and password.
  • You can also choose DB name/user if you like. (I like to do this so it’s easier to find the right database later in phpMyAdmin).
  • Automatic Updates – up to you. I prefer MINOR updates only or “No”. But if your site is not so complicated or doesn’t use WooCommerce, you’ll probably fine with “Yes, all minor and major updates”.
  • Click Install.

NOTE: if you can’t install a new site, maybe it’s because the cPanel still thinks you have a site installed on that domain. Go to cPanel > Site Software > and delete it.

3. RECOMMENDED configurations after installing your new WordPress site…

  • Generate SSL certificate – from cPanel > SSL/TLS status, select domains/subdomains and click [Run AutoSSL].
  • Convert your site to HTTPS (recommended) – go to WordPress Settings > General, and change the URL to HTTPS instead of HTTP. Also make sure you add HTTPS 301 redirects to your htaccess file. From this same page, you can also decide if you want to have “www” in the domain or not.
  • Setup caching plugin (for maximum speed) – use either Swift Performance (our easy guide) or LiteSpeed cache (our easy guide).

4. OPTIONAL configurations after installing your new WordPress site…

  • Change database name – some of you don’t like the standardized database-system of “wp1, wp2, etc”. You can easily change this from cPanel > MySQL Databases, click Rename. Then rename the database name in your wp-config file.
  • Import another website to this domain – install All-in-One migration plugin and import the backup file from another site. Due to special configurations, you may have to do extra steps like updating links (using Better Search Replace) or deleting files from the previous webhost (like WPengine).

Other control panels


  • If doing it as admin user, go to Websites > Create Websites, add your domain. Then go to manage that website, scroll to the bottom and choose “WordPress” from the Application Installer.
  • If doing it as regular user, go to your panel and click “Add Domain”, then use the Application Installer.


  • Uses WordPress Toolkit just like cPanel.

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