Creating (and using) FTP accounts

FTP accounts are used to manage files on your server.

You can also do the same from cPanel > FTP manager but in many cases, it’s more convenient to copy files back-and-forth from an FTP program on your computer.

FTP accounts are also useful when you want to allow someone else to manage files on your webhosting account BUT not give them your entire cPanel access or give them full access to all account files.

How to create an FTP account:

  1. Go to cPanel > FTP Accounts.
  2. Enter the “Log in” username you’d want them to use.
  3. For domain, you can leave this alone (don’t change).
  4. Choose what password.
  5. Directory (IMPORTANT) – make sure you put in the exact directory this user needs access to. If you want the user to access ALL files on your FTP, then leave it blank. If you want to give access to only an exact website, put the exact website’s address (either “public_html” for the main domain, or the domain name of the addon domains). If you want to give them their own folder and no access to any sites, type in a random directory name.
  6. Choose a quota – usually pick “Unlimited” if giving access to websites, or a smaller quota size if you want to give only a smaller amount.
  7. Click “Create FTP Account”.

If this account is only for you to use, you don’t need to create any…you can simply log into FTP using your cPanel login.

How to use an FTP account:

  1. Install an FTP client on your computer – Filezilla, Cyberduck, WinSCP, etc. There are many free and paid options out there.
  2. Type in your FTP hostname – you can use either your server IP, domain name (, or FTP subdomain (
  3. Type in FTP username – it’s either your cPanel username or the specific FTP username you created.
  4. Type in FTP password – either your cPanel password or the specific FTP password you created.

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