Why use LiteSpeed Web Server & LiteSpeed Cache

What’s so great about LiteSpeed?

For those that don’t know, I’m an absolute LiteSpeed fanatic. I’ve been using it for over 10 years and had many high traffic sites performing fantastically on it. Quite simply, it saved my business in the early days when other web servers simply couldn’t handle my traffic load. It’s a great product, integrates well with many other software and works especially well on WordPress servers.

Benefits of LiteSpeed Web Server

  • Sites run super fast, and using less resources (lower server load).
  • Built-in brute force protection for the WordPress admin page.
  • Compatible with htaccess.
  • Allows caching function with their LiteSpeed Cache plugin.

Benefits of LiteSpeed Cache plugin

  • Incredibly fast native-server caching (compared to slower PHP caching)
  • Can handle much bigger site (with thousands of pages, millions of traffic)
  • Many page optimization features (although we don’t use all)
  • Built-in crawler function for precaching huge sites
  • ESI block caching or cache-exclusion functionality
  • Object caching
  • Built specifically for LiteSpeed!