Ultra-fast WordPress hosting for Agencies

Today’s WEBHOSTING/WEB-DEVELOPMENT clients are more demanding than ever!

Webhosting clients today seem to know everything.

Even if they don’t understand the latest buzzwords and terminology, they still want all the “latest features”. They want all the cool features and still want their site to be super fast and super reliable. And who can blame them? We’re living in the age of every other business over-promising themselves!

The hardest part about hosting multiple clients is finding a solution that fits for all clients. Quite often the agency webhosting plan is too restrictive for some clients or too complicated/overwhelming for others.

You need a server or webhosting-plan that not only fits all your clients but is also convenient for your daily workflow!

COMMON PROBLEMS with managing webhosting clients

  1. Pricing – hosting client websites can be especially pricey with popular performance hosts (like WP Engine, Flywheel, Kinsta, etc). They charge heavy premiums not only for having many sites but also having high traffic.
  2. Performance – slow page loads can come from poor coding (in themes/plugins) or having too many requests, or just from having a server that’s too weak to handle the traffic.
  3. Flexibility – many webhosts design their servers for management-efficiency (or don’t manage at all). This usually means having restrictions that can limit your website performance or functionality.
  4. Client management – managing client accounts can be cumbersome as you’re forced to log in-and-out of each account to do micro-tasks every day.
  5. Billing – it can be hard to handle billing and payment for clients if your reseller hosting doesn’t have a billing system available for you.

How JVPS speeds up agency servers/sites:

  1. Trusted server management – yes, we actually maintain the servers! We jump into them almost every week, doing server updates and routine maintenance. We don’t leave them to rot before up-selling you to the next biggest server plan.
  2. No site/traffic limits – save a ton of money as you’re free to take on as many sites and traffic as your server can handle.
  3. Multi-layer caching – multiple caching mechanisms deployed to reach maximum performance. Static caching (prebuilt) for public pages and object caching for dynamic pages.
  4. Strong servers – easily handle giant sites with massive traffic, whenever they come. 100 at a time? 1,000 at time? Even more??? NO PROBLEM! (Go ahead, throw that Black Friday sale!)
  5. Speed consultation – we’ve been there and done that. Seen it all! Our team can advise you on your current themes and plugins. What to keep and what to replace. Curious to know what our other clients are using?…simply ask them on our friendly Facebook group!
  6. Built-in security – business sites are especially vulnerable to hackers targeting sensitive data. Our servers automatically protect against brute-force attacks, XML-RPC spam, and DDOS attacks. Best of all, server-level protection is much more efficient than software-level protection (preventing attacks from slowing down your sites).
  7. Comprehensive modules – somes sites use plugins that depend on various server modules and libraries. Need ioncube, GD, ImageMagick, iconv, cURL, and so forth? We can enable them…yes, just for you!
  8. More datacenter locations – choose from more datacenter locations. Locate your server more precisely to your target visitor geographies.
  9. Priority Slack support – get faster support via Slack from our skilled techs. You’ll get a dedicated Slack channel where you can easily discuss your issues or concerns.
  10. Easy control panel – easily manage multiple client accounts. Make changes to their webhosting or website. We are well-versed in WHM/cPanel, Plesk, and CyberPanel. Want something different? Just ask!