Manuel Oviedo

Manuel Oviedo runs a huge content network of 30+ sites (around 10 million hits/month). One of his main ones,, is a health site featuring all the latest health advice…dieting, fitness, health, and other health trends. We reduced him from THREE (3) poorly-performing VPS servers at $750/month down to ONE (1) server for $285/month AND brought his load times to instant.

Manuel first came to me with a terrifying situation. His previous hosting company had prescribed him 3 dedicated VPS servers at the cost of $750/month, promising him blazing performance and incredible support…but the servers could barely handle his massive traffic. Their response to every issue was to upgrade and buy more servers which only helped somewhat but his sites were still slow. Pages were crawling and user engagement was at an all-time low. His homepage took 10+ seconds to fully load. When he refused to pay for any more upgrades, they stopped responding to his support requests. He couldn’t understand how a company he trusted for years could not handle his traffic.

In steps JohnnyVPS. We promised him it could be done with one server for $285/month and not only would his bill be cheaper but his one server with us would actually be faster. He loved what he was hearing but it sounded too good to be true. Only one way to find out…let’s do some speed optimization and let’s test. It was there that we became great friends. Turns out we both had similar working styles and loved playing with similar details in WordPress. I not only did his speed optimization but showed him how to do the other sites. He was having fun learning for about the first 2 days and then decided to sit back and let me handle everything since it was far more involved than he initially thought it would be.

With his absolute faith in my hands, we began the “scary migration” from his 3 servers down to one JVPS server. He was scared for his businesses and had already been burned in the past, so I held his hand the entire way. Carefully moving each site over one at a time. When everything was done, he could hardly believe it. His massive traffic (over 3k concurrent users) was finally brought down under control. His site went from loading in seconds to loading INSTANTLY. We had made a new friend and fan for life. His 3 previous servers were always at 800-1600% load; with our one server…all traffic was easily-handled at 10% server load. To be honest, I couldn’t believe it either.

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