Best 3rd-party Email Service

Want the best email service, in terms of deliverability and spam-filtering? Here are your options: G-Suite – gold standard, also includes many Google cloud services, integrates nicely with Gmail mobile app, but expensive ($5/user) MXroute – cheap and awesome service, unlimited domains and emails but limited space. Rackspace/Zoho – like Google’s but cheaper (~$2-3/user) and… Read more Best 3rd-party Email Service

JohnnyVPS now officially opened in Europe!

It’s OFFICIAL—JVPS is now accepting webhosting clients in Europe! You can now get our ultra-fast webhosting speeds from anywhere in Europe. We’ve strategically chosen Frankfurt (Germany) for our European datacenter: London (UK) in only 14ms Bucharest (RO) in only 25ms Moscow (RU) in only 38ms can even get to Asia, such as New Delhi (IN)… Read more JohnnyVPS now officially opened in Europe!